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Academic Coaching Services

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"For years as a student and as an educator I realized that student success was not only about gaining knowledge and school experiences. 

It’s also about knowing who you are and how to match your inner strengths with a few tried and true academic strategies. Community and partnership is another key factor to student success. As humans we are wired to need the right people in our circles of influence. These people encourage us and support us, and, at Leveraged for Success, we endeavor to be by their side as well. "

Maybe one of more of there scenerios
connects with you:

  • Do you know you have what it takes, but not sure where to start?

  • Do you realize the benefits for higher education, but cannot find the enthusiasm, direction, or energy?

  • Are you an enthusiastic student who thrives and would like to keep the momentum going as the demand increases?

  • Are you moving along pretty well in college, but you also want to add more intentionality, strategy, and goal driven movement to your journey?

  • Are there some classes and college experiences where you soar and others where you lag behind?

​"I am here for you in your student success journey."

Academic Coaching Services

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Coaching Styles

Student Success Coaching Package

Benefit from one-to-one coaching in the areas of planning, academic strategy, and self-management. The Leveraged For Success framework is tailored to fit your needs as they relate specifically to your individual goals and semester needs.

Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly for the first month and every two weeks for the remaining months of the semester. You will also receive weekly check-ins and can leave questions or updates regularly on Voxer. 

* Individual coaching sessions are available.

Side by Side Work Session

Individualized support is available for side-by-side hours, which provide a deeper, personalized dive into creating a strategic plan, producing a productive schedule, or determining self-management routines important to your semester.

Once you have identified a need for this hands-on support, a 30-minute planning call will be scheduled before the 2 hours long work session. During the side-by-side hours, we will work together to tackle a task that will help you gain momentum toward your goals.

Student Success Collaborative

Join a group to discover and explore the Leveraged For Success framework areas of planning and engagement. Along with collaborative planning sessions, you will also benefit from open work sessions.  

In addition to these interactive sessions, office hours are held once a week for you to drop in with questions or updates.

“I have a million things in my notebook that I learned! Your style of explaining and organization are amazing.”

Vargas, California

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