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How to Know Your Actions Are Disconnected and Fix It

Updated: May 19, 2023

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Moments of disconnect can happen to any of us, especially when experiencing extreme seasons, such as busy schedules, transitions, or unexpected events. Sometimes, when we are consumed by what is happening around us, we can realize that we are operating in a disconnected state. You may be experiencing difficulty choosing a major, sticking to your goals, handling your priorities, or finding a circle of friends that feels right for you. You know you have what it takes, but you have problems moving in the right direction.

How To Know You Actions Are Disconnected: Six Signs and Solutions

1. Lack of direction:

Without a clear understanding of our purpose, values, and goals, we can feel lost and lack focus. We may struggle to make decisions and prioritize our tasks.

Define your purpose, values, and goals:

It's challenging to identify whether we are progressing in areas of life when our decisions lack grounding. Take some time, a weekend, a day, or even some set aside hours. Spend that time reflecting on what truly matters and what you want to achieve.

2. Inconsistency:

You find yourself moving through life with practices and behaviors that are hit and miss. Sometimes you are operating with intentional actions. Those days feel great, and you wish you could hold onto that stride. And other times you know that there is no rhyme or reason to what you're doing. Our actions are inconsistent when they aren't aligned to our values. This misalignment and inconsistency in efforts can create self-doubt and confusion. Our inconsistency can also cause others to distrust us, because they may not know what to expect from our behaviors, practices, or intentions.

Set action steps:

When you make your aspirations actionable, it is easier to know your next best step. Determine smaller action steps for each goal. The addition of concrete actions will make it easier to connect your daily tasks and decisions to your overall purpose and goals. Through this purposeful planning you will become more consistent.

3. Feelings of dissatisfaction:

Purpose and goals disconnected from our actions can cause feelings of discontent and dissatisfaction within our lives.

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Set achievable goals:

Take a look at your goals and ensure they are achievable. If our goals are general and immeasurable or vague and too broad, our destination is unclear. Setting achievable goals can give you a sense of purpose and direction. Start small and build up to bigger objectives over time. And remember - celebrate your progress along the way.

Prioritize actions:

Once you have defined specific and measurable plans, prioritize them based on their importance. This clarity will help you make decisions aligned with your values, purpose, and goals, take it one moment at a time, and notice growth along the way.

4. Decreased motivation:

Without a clear purpose, we may struggle to find the motivation to keep going and achieve. We may feel unmotivated and need more drive.


Reflect on the connections between your decisions to your bigger picture. Motivation can be maintained when you remember how all events - even the most challenging moments - can also lead to the bigger picture.

5. Regret:

When we act against our values and goals, we may experience regret and feel as though we have wasted our time and energy on activities that do not align with our true selves.

Align your decisions with your values:

When faced with a decision, consider how your choices align with what you truly value. If a decision goes against your values, there may be a better choice for you.

Stay accountable:

Hold yourself accountable for your decisions and actions. Set reminders, track progress, reflect on your successes, and learn from mistakes. You can move forward with the lessons learned.

6. Conflict with others:

It becomes difficult to connect with others when we are not grounded in our values and purpose. This lack of foundation in values and purpose can create tension and negatively, which impact our relationships. Also, when we are unclear about our intended actions and values, we may experience conflict with others who share different values.

Seek allies:

Look for like-minded people. Seek out individuals who share similar values and goals. You can find like-minded people through clubs, volunteering, organizations, or professional associations.

Seek feedback:

It can be helpful to seek input from others who share your values and goals or are experts in your areas of interest. This collaboration can provide additional perspective and help you stay on track.

By considering these signs of disconnect and consistently applying the suggested actions, you will find your decisions and action steps are connected to your purpose, values, and goals. Through connection we are more grounded and live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

If your actions are disconnected from values and goals, the Leveraged for Success framework addresses gaining focus and purpose. Would you like some support identifying your values or setting actionable goals? I'd love to partner with you? Schedule a coaching session here.

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