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Are Your Student Habits Dependable?

Updated: Mar 5

How To Check The Success Rates Of Your Student Habits

How often does it work when you act like everyone else around you? I'm guessing not often. It didn't work for me. During my first year and a half in undergrad, I tried to learn and study like I thought all successful college students should. When I was realistic about my needs, I adopted student habits that fit me.

Each person has unique characteristics. So, why are we taught one tried and true way to succeed as students? Too often, we only discuss one ideal path of student routines. Because you are unique, your individual styles do not stop at being a student. Successful habits are unique to you, just like your style of dress or communication.

When you are unaware of your student style, you may find yourself with ineffective student behaviors. Then, you realize you need to improve your student results.

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First, Consider the Success

When striving for student success, there are two considerations.

  1. How do you define success as a student for yourself?

  2. What behaviors, routines, habits, and practices are needed for you to be a successful student?

Second, Know Your Needs

How do you know if you need better student habits?

Being a successful student lies within you. No one is exactly the same as the other. If we consider identical twins, they still have different personalities, likes, and dislikes. It's the same for us as students. Even though we often see only one picture or only one discussion of what student success looks like, that is an incomplete picture.

Just as we are different from each other, we also have different student success habits and styles that will propel us and sustain us in our journey toward our success goals. Sure, we can look at others or other examples for ideas of what to choose. In the end, our choices of what works will be tailored to you.

There are a couple of signs that you can benefit from closely defining your student success routines and habits.

  1. You start with some routines, and before you know it, you're changing them in an ever-changing cycle of indecision. After several changes and attempts, you may even give up.

  2. You aren't productive: struggling to complete quality assignments, rushing right before due dates, earning undesirable grades, or forgetting information.

Next, Anticipate the Benefits

We find the motivation when we know the benefits of making needed changes. Your best student habits increase your effectiveness with the following:

  1. coursework

  2. information processing

  3. time management

  4. problem-solving

You'll also find that you are more focused and finding time for extracurricular activities. The added clarity and time can benefit your future career.

Unfortunately, only some of us get directions on the best steps to college acceptance. But even fewer of us get tips on being the best student we can be once we start college. If these scenarios ring true for you, it's time to identify your best student habits.

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Then, Get Started

Consider the following areas and identify your best student habits:

  • note taking

  • studying

  • questioning

  • getting help

  • morning routines

  • evening routines

  • weekend routines

  • goal setting

  • planning tasks

  • group projects

  • completing coursework

  • measuring progress

Take the Quiz

Take the Successful Student Habits Quiz to start thinking of the many student habit choices available.

Need Support?

Could you benefit from brainstorming student routines and habits that suit your student style? Let's chat.

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