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Counting Sheep: Top Five Reasons Students Need Sleep

What’s the big deal over a few missed hours of sleep? Now that it’s your responsibility to decide when to wrap up a night out, close the computer, put down the game control, end a binge watch, or turn the ringer off on the cell phone, you may be wondering about the benefits of sleep. Take a look at the consequences of getting too little sleep.

Are you…

Irritable but you don’t know why?

Putting on pounds or having acne breakouts?

Impatient with your teachers, family, or friends?

Searching for the energy to get up and go?

A little more accident prone or clumsy than usual?

Your loved ones may attribute this to moody behavior, which could be true, but it is a very good chance that you could be just plain sleepy. Findings of the National Sleep Foundation explain that young adults and teens need eight to ten hours of sleep nightly. Most often people believe that younger children need several hours of sleep to ensure healthy brain and body development, so your mom or dad were sure to give you a bedtime.

Top 5 reasons you may want to add extra sleep time to your routines for success.

  1. Keep an eye out.

Young adult and teen crashes increase by 20% for drivers who have six or less hours of sleep.

  1. Take a chill pill.

Young adults and teens who need more rest are more likely to have aggressive behaviors.

  1. Watch out for the bulge.

Those who are sleep deprived tend to over eat or over indulge in sugar or unhealthy food choices. (Hmmm. That one hits close to home.)

  1. Zombies on campus.

A sleepless night can cause you to be less alert or less aware of your surroundings which may cause falls, clumsy maneuvering, or forgetfulness throughout the day.

  1. What’s the buzz?

Caffeine and nicotine usage increase for some who are tired and in need of an extra energy surge.

In the words of creator, inventor, and artist, Leonardo da Vinci,

“A well spent day brings happy sleep.”

So, during the day get the job done, and at night get your Zs knowing you have given it your all .

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