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Ask Goal Driven – Power Questions

Let’s say that one of your goals is to gain knowledge and skills, which are valuable to your dream career. (Notice that the goal goes further than earning an A in a course). The needed information just might not be as obvious in a textbook or in a lecture. The more information you have; the more power you have. Sometimes a good question will take you far. Ask the right questions at the right time, and you’ll get more needed information. An actionable question will lead you to the next right step. A reflective question provides opportunity to transform habits of mind and body. The two types of questions are goal driven – power positioned questions. Take a look at some tips and examples below. 

Goal Driven – Power Positioned questions:

  1. are open ended

  2. should combine actionable questions and reflective questions

  3. open your mind to further possibilities

  4. transform and improve your mindset and practices

  5. challenge the questioned person to also be introspective

  6. provide an idea of goal driven next steps

Questions for:

Example Goal Driven – Power Questions

Yourself ActionableHow can I break my assignments into manageable tasks?ReflectiveHow might I add healthier habits to my lifestyle to enhance my well being?

Professor ActionableAfter reading ____, I understand ___, but will you help me better understand ___?

ReflectiveCould I make an appointment to review some past tests or papers? I would like to see where I can improve my work?

Family/Friend ActionableWhat day can we get together and catch up with each other?ReflectiveWhat strengths or areas for growth do you think I have?

How are you?

Classmate ActionableWould you like to get together for a study group?ReflectiveWhat “take aways” did you get from our last class lecture or notes?

First, ask just the right open ended actionable or reflective questions. You will find insight and next best actions. Next, use the answers and reflections for journaling or for planning. In the end, power positioned questions will  bring you closer to achieving your goals as well as creating a little life, work balance.

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