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Action Plan Steps for Students

Plan for successful school year

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You’re On The V.E.R.G.E: To Student Success

You may be thinking you do not have the time to stop and figure out an action plan, but time on the front end brings more clarity – not to mention direction – along the way. I spent so many years flying by the seat of my pants. Then, there were those years when I had a plan, a revised plan, lists, and an up-to-date calendar. Can you guess which years were the best for me?

Whether you are a freshman, just starting, or a senior with a job hunt around the corner, making or reviewing your action plan is a good move. I am also sure that you have been considering what to do to improve your academic performance or life choices – to keep what’s working and toss out what’s not working.

Many advise that writing down the plan is a vital first step to reaching goals. It’s true. Mapping things out helps you make a plan and keep that plan going. So, while you prepare for your next assignment or test, take some time to make a plan for the school year. You are on the V.E.R.G.E. of great new horizons with these five steps.

5 Steps for an action plan:

Vision: What you visualize or imagine will propel you toward your dreams. Remember to write a vision statement that causes you to stretch to your highest possibilities. Write a vision statement written in positive, present tense, and concise language.

Energy: Establish where you will place your concentration each day. Determine the steps needed to achieve the goals. Things work out better when you know the steps you will take before you begin. Map out these steps daily. Be exact in how you devote your energy.

Resources: Figure out what resources or people you need to accomplish this goal. Determine who or what is readily available to you and which help you will need to find.

Goals: Determine the categories involved in making this vision a reality. First, group the actions and resources into categories. Then, describe the effort needed in each category with a definitive goal. Assign a timeframe. Voila, you will then have your goals and the action steps to accomplish those goals. 


  1. Decide how you will measure your progress.

  2. Consider what you can collect to prove that you are approaching or accomplishing the goal.

  3. Remember to celebrate along the way.

Each day you are on the verge of something significant, something extraordinary. You will measure one of those days and find that your vision has become a reality, and then it’s time to plan the next dream. At the end of each day, pause to review your day and measure the day’s significance – the day’s greatness. 

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