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Leveraged For Success fosters equitable student achievement and alleviates college completion rate gaps. Over 39 million students attended college without receiving their degree (NSCRS, 2022).  The Leveraged for Success P.A.C.E. framework connects students to identifying an individual student success plan.


We help students identify individualized strategies and create a success plan that compliments their dreams and assets.


We foster student achievement through asset based academic coaching and student engagement consulting through:

  • Partnering with secondary and college students and the families, institutions, and communities that support them

  • Coaching students with asset-based strategies

  • Transforming intent into strategic action through student engagement consulting


Partnering with secondary and college students together we:

  • Strive towards the equitable achievement of dreams and goals

  • Seek to define students’ actions towards college and careers.

  • Support students in identifying their aspirations, defining goals, and determining a strategic and actionable plan.


The Leveraged for Success mission is to foster equitable student success and alleviate college completion rate gaps, through believing in the strengths, dreams, and abilities of each student.


The Founder:

Tia Lott, Ed.S.

"I bring to this work combined years of career experience in educational consultancy, school leadership, teaching, and community outreach. 

It is exciting to provide academic coaching and consulting to students, schools, families, and community organizations. Together let’s create strategies to achieve student goals."

creator and writer of Leveraged for Success - Tia Lott sitting happily in a school library


Over twenty years as an educator, Tia has dedicated her career and service to partnering with others to create equitable and sustainable opportunities for student success. Her ongoing dedication supports students in realizing their dreams through capitalizing on their strengths and talents. She can provide strategies and practices that suit individuals or teams through this individualized attention.


With an Educational Specialist degree in Advanced Educational Leadership from Regent University and a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University, Tia previously served in school division leadership, school administration, curriculum and instruction, and classroom instruction. No matter the role or position, she enjoys ensuring that all students build self-efficacy, improve academic standing, and enjoy learning. Tia has experience raising student performance to a level of sustainable and replicable achievement. She provides tailored strategies that address individualized teaching and learning needs. She attributes her instructional success to asset-based and responsive instruction.


Above all, Tia often speaks of her family because faith and family are her anchors and motivation. Tia accredits boldly dreaming to her family’s well-being and ongoing growth. She takes joy in joining students and those who support students in boldly dreaming and achieving their dreams.

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